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Wellness Policy for Shiloh SDA Church School
True education means more than the pursuing of a certain course of study. It is the harmonious development of the physical, and mental, and the spiritual powers.  Shiloh School is dedicated to the wellness of students. To accomplish this task, we have set the following goals: 

Setting Nutrition Education Goals
Nutritional education is integrated into in subject such as science and social studies.
The staff is adequately prepared to teach nutrition by having the proper knowledge to teach this subject.
The staff does exemplify good nutrition.
The school's cafeteria is a model for healthy nutrition.
Only vegetarian meats are served to student.  They have been approved by the USDA.

Setting Physical Activity Goals
Teachers attend workshops to be able to integrate physical activity throughout the school day and across the curriculum.
The children are assessed on age appropriate physical activities.
The physical activities have been allotted the time that abides by the conference's guidelines.
Recess is daily.
All students have recess before lunch and some have more physical activities before and after lunch.
The amount of food consumption is balanced out with physical activities.

Nutrition Standards For Food Available on Campus
The foods that are on campus do follow the guidelines for proper nutrition.  This includes:
School Parties
School Picnics
Classroom Snacks

Task Taken to Insure proper Nutrition
Drinking water is provided for students throughout the day.  (Water bottles are a part of the supply list.)